Our Radiologists

Imaging Partners operates under the direction of Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc., also referred to as MRD, one of the most established groups of radiologists in Orange County.  MRD has been serving Orange County for over forty years.  Its longstanding reputation for providing quality and equitable diagnostic medical imaging is what distinguishes MRD from the competition.  The dynamic team of board certified radiologists utilizes its collective subspecialties and expertise to assist the referring community with accurate and timely diagnoses.

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    Andrew Knoll, M.D.

    Dr. Andrew Knoll joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey in July 2010.  He received his medical degree from New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY.
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    Dan Vu, M.D.

    Dr. Dan Vu has been with Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) since 2001 and serves as a staff radiologist as well as on the Board of Directors.
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    Hieu Truong, M.D.

    Dr. Hieu Truong joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) as a staff radiologist in 2005; he is currently serving as the Director of the Nuclear Medicine section.
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    Jane Cambray, D.O.

    Dr. Jane Cambray joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) in 2000.  She received her medical degree from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she graduated with honors...
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    Joon Kim, M.D.

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    Joseph Tison, M.D.

    Dr. Joseph Tison joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) in 1990, and currently serves as President.
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    Kirk Ohanian, M.D.

    Dr. Kirk Ohanian, a fellowship-trained neuroradiologist, joined MRD in 2008.
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    Mark Masotto, M.D.

    Dr. Mark Masotto joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) in 2002.  After completing his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at California State University, Fullerton, Dr. Masotto attended...
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    Michael Forino, M.D.

    Dr. Michael Forino joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) in 2004 as a board certified radiologist trained in mammography.
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    Paul Kim, M.D.

    Dr. Paul Kim has been with Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. (MRD) since 2008.  He started his premedical career studying biochemistry at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.
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    Peter Piampiano, M.D.

    Dr. Piampiano joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. in 2007.  Dr. Piampiano received his undergraduate degree in biology from California State University at Fullerton.
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    Stanley Nakamoto, M.D.

    Dr. Stanley Nakamoto joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. in 1983.  He attended the California Institute of Technology, where he graduated with honors, and ranked sixth in his class.
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    Susan Lee, M.D.

    Dr. Susan Lee joined Moran, Rowen & Dorsey Inc. in 1997, and specializes in musculoskeletal MRI procedures.